Watercolour online tutorial

Watercolour online tutorial

Aquarelle Book

My first book 'Watercolor Silhouettes'

Together with the well-known German publisher EMF I brought out a book about Watercolors and the way I see them.

Starting with the basics I show all the materials I use and explain the most important watercolor techniques. The heart of the book are 16 unique Watercolor Silhouette illustrations, each of which is explained, following a step-by-step tutorial. A lot of tips and tricks guide the reader to create their own unique silhouette paintings. 


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Breaking the border of classical artworks

Jessica Janik is an industrial designer, graduate engineer, author and artist specialised in watercolour painting. 

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Watercolor silhouettes

This unique watercolour collection combines dreamy landscape paintings with clear cut edges without the use of digital editing.